offers several ways for Webmasters to earn money with their Web pages, including our Tell-A-Friend service - which pays you and increases your hits.
Paying programs.
This program encourages your site's visitors to recommend your Web to their friends. Every time a new one of them does, we'll pay you (Pays 20 cents per use).
Refer a Webmaster
Every time a Webmaster joins this program as a result of your referral,  we'll pay you a percentage of that Webmaster's earnings. (Pays a percentage of revenue).
Why should you become an affiliate?.
1. We link back to you!
Unlike your other advertisers, we only service your users for a few minutes and then we always link them back to you!
2. You'll earn money.
And you don't have to sell anything to earn it!
3. We're two-tiered.
Before linking your readers back to your site, we always offer them the option of joining this program and earning money from us. If they join, you'll get a percentage of their commissions.

What criteria is necessary to become an affiliate?
1. You must have a registered domain!
You must have a domain name registered under your name or the name of your company. No free server domains (ex. Geocities) will be accepted. It also helps if the e-mail address you apply with is from your registered domain (ex. instead of 
2. You must have a mailing list.
You must be collecting e-mails addresses for the purpose of sending newsletter updates to your subscribers. Your method of collecting e-mail addresses must be visible on the website address provided in your application.
3. Your site must receive at least 5,000 unique visitors a day!
If requested, you must be able to provide proof of your traffic numbers.
4. You must have appropriate content!
Even though you may satisfy all the requirements above, we must think that your site would work well in our system. Some sites lend themselves more to our Tell-a-friend system than others, regardless of traffic numbers.

Payment Details.

Checks written by the end of the following month.
At the end of every month, we total your earnings up to that point. If your total earnings are greater than our minimum payment (see next point), within 45 days, we'll send you a check for the amount due.
Minimum payment is $50.
We don't print checks for less than $50. Therefore, if you've earned less than our minimum payment, we'll hold your revenue until you build up enough earnings to meet our minimum.

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